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Parcela en Melipeuco

Melipeuco, al Lado del Parque Conguillio
Venta $ 75.000.000


A solo 20 minutos de Melipeuco, te ofrecemos esta paradisíaca parcela, con tres cabañas construidas con maderas de la zona, la primera de 6 dormitorios y dos baños, living, comedor, estar con gran chimenea, cocina y terrazas, la segunda y tercera de dos dormitorios, un baño, cocina y living comedor, cada una. Ademas cuenta con dos piscinas (una para niños), casa de muñecas, terreno forestado con pinos, derechos de agua (llega una cañería de 3/4 " directa de la vertiente), en proceso de instalación de luz eléctrica (actualmente funciona con grupo electrógeno). Todo esto con la mejor vista al Volcán Llaima, que domina este paisaje idílico de bosques naturales de Araucarias y otras especies autóctonas.
Grace Kelm
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20 minutes from Melipeuco (which in mapudungún means meeting of four waters) a Great Chilean district of the Cautín province in the IX Region of the Araucanía, founded in 1981,and becoming a new Andean sector of the region, we find the Conguillío a National Park. To the North-West of the district, on the limit with Vilcún, with an amazzing vew to the "LLaima" Vulcano in a setting that will leave you impressed, because is amazzing! This place with an incredible geography, fauna and native flora, streams, waterfalls, lakes and rivers characterized by its crystalline waters, its flora stands out "araucarias", the "ñirres", the "coihues", "lengas", " Palo santo" "raulí", among others, and more and more varieties of plants and flowers, make up one of the most visited National park of Chile.

In this environment, we find this these 4 cabins with the desire to live a different life where the environment feeds the desire to create a new space for a healthy mind and life which gives you the opportunity to do different mountain´s sport ;Sport fishing for example is along the Allipén River, as well as sports activities such as treiking , horseback riding and hiking, among others...

It is tied to the great traditions of the settlers and "Criollos" who arrived in the past and marked their culture of all them who settled in the rural area They learned all about to dominate the hostile weather and nature geografy of that place of the en of the world, they were called Baqueanos , They persist nowadays, and they use to have the ´´Fiesta of the Baqueano´´ which recalls the oldest traditions of these ancient pioneers.

Into the Park we will find hills from 1,400 m and where water is in snow form. The low temperatures , often are much lower than 0 ° C in winterand summer. Rainfall are about the 3,000 mm per year. Presents a low relative humidity.It should be noted that this type of climate is seasonal arising from late autumn to the midle of the spring.

The chain of the BBC called this National Park as one of the last refuges of the world in preserving the landscape where the dinosaurs lived. In this place was filmed the documentary walking with dinosaurs.

In the midst of this wonderful place is where I can offer you the great opportunity to change your life or perhaps it´s the time for a great tourism entrepreneurship for you , if you are looking for it since a long time ago, let´s do it!

A plot of 12000 m2 is treated with 4 cabins, 4 bedrooms living- room with a cosy kitchen and larges windows with beautiful view, another cabin with 6 bedrooms 2 bathrooms living- room and with beautiful fireplace , the third and fourth cabin smallest with 2 bedrooms and living- room and one bathroom. Two swimming pools, barbecue area, Dollhouse and all forested with pines.


Venta $ 75.000.000UF 2.613,05
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Dormitorios -
Baños 3
Sup. terreno 6.000 m2
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